Friday, August 26, 2011

Invitation :))

It's been quite a while since I've posted.. I supposed I've been trying to find direction.

My last competition was the CBBF Nationals last August 2010. I didn't have plans to compete this year but was offered an amazing opportunity to do a "new" kind of show pioneered by an Italian photographer I really want to work with (Oberdan Mancini). The following is the event description:

Teatro "Benedetto XIII" - Università degli Studi di Camerino
1th december 2011, Camerino (MC).

Lady OM MMXI is the first Body-building competition where the spectator will express an opinion and the athlete's audience will be as great as the whole world.

 Female bodybuilding athletes from all around the world will defy each other to conquer the Lady OM MMXI title.

12 athletes frOM 12 different nations, in Representative of all the continents.

Thanks to live web broadcast and HD technology, the viewer will enjoy an outstanding video quality, an interactive direction and the unique chance to follow his favorite athlete in the backstage too. The viewer is always seeking the best one.

 The athlete knows that there is no victory if the audience is not conquered.

The bodybuilder will finally do her months of hard preparation justice. 

The first contest in the world conceived in HD, spread via web and personally edited by Mister OM.

At last bodybuilding becomes 2.0

Come and be part of the jury yourself!!!

12 Female bodybuilding athletes from all around the world will defy each other to conquer the Lady OM MMXI title.

LADY OM MMXI is not simply a contest. It's an exciting show that wants to share with the world the love for bodybuilding.

Lady OM MMXI is the first bodybuilding event where the spectator (from every corner of the planet) becomes main character, sitting in the panel!
It' s not a competition, but an enthralling show based on a thrilling action.
An entertaining schedule that allow the viewer to play a role himself and keep the athletes fighting for the victory till the end!

...If the world wants its CHAMPION, it has to be the WORLD to elect it! Come and be part of the jury yourself.

It will be an amazing event!!!
More details will be released shortly including the other participants.

I'm very excited about this show.. I'm training harder than ever to make sure I'm at my all-time best seeing I'm the only Canadian contender. I've hired an amazing coach (Noel Fuller of Portland Oregon) to help me with my prep and make sure i'm dialed in perfectly.

Feel free to follow my show prep & progress here & on my facebook fanpage. I really appreciate the encouragement of family, friends & fans.. and I don't want to disappoint!!

I will post more soon. Peace!


  1. Hey Christine, great physique! I run a website directory of Female Bodybuilders. Let me know if you want to be included!