Sunday, May 23, 2010

4 weeks out from Ontarios!!

Getting very excited... I'm only 4 weeks out from the Ontarios.. (National Qualifier, London Ontario, June 19th). It should be a very exciting weekend.. I'm heading to the weigh in Friday night & coming home sum time on Sunday so far as I know.. Will be a very busy weekend for me...

Hope to do a great deal of photo/video that weekend too, so it will be non-stop, but I'm ready for it.

Have managed to keep my health issues in check.. and even working around a couple of lingering injuries from months of heavy/intense training, but almost totally healed (R Rotator & L Ham). Training is going very well & i'm so lean at this point... I should look amazing in 4 weeks. Last time I stepped on stage I wasn't this I'm going to drop as much bodyfat as possible.

I've planned my peak week program.. and I'm glad in a way that I had last year off from competing.. It gave me time to familiarize myself with the whole peaking/prepping process (I did alot of photoshoots).. I also practiced posing continually, often for a few hours at a time ..nonstop! So I hope I have what it takes to bring home the hardware.. I want to win this year.

I think if I place first I might consider the Nationals this year since they are in Toronto... I know that will be a very competitive show, but I'd be thrilled to even be able to stand on stage in such a show beside Canada's best.

It looks like I will probably need bowel surgery.. My bowel is so badly twisted that it's strictured & the whole problem last October was that it obstructed.. So I'm working around the issue right now, I am going to compete anyway.. I've been dealing with it for so many years now, why should I put my life on hold?? All the hard work for the competitive season is already DONE, and it's an excellent distraction from the problem, symptoms & my nervousness about the up & coming surgery (OK, i'm truly terrified).

I still don't have a sponsor or endorsements.. but I could really use SOMETHING, but i just haven't had the energy to take the initiative so far (been very tired & have so much to handle at the moment).. i can't believe how much my diet is costing.. not to mention that the fees to even step on stage have all gone up. Competing is expensive.. and my income has been frustrated by my health issues. But my bodybuilding lifestyle has been the key to my improved health & functionality.. I think the expense of healthy nutrition is warranted.. far more effective at improving health and preventing future health issues. My body simply DEMANDS healthy food now and lots of it!! (I wouldn't want to tell you how much i eat in a day LOL)

Just starting to tan now... getting bronzed so more photos/video will be taken these last four weeks. I will do my best.. It's hard being both the subject & the photographer/videographer. But i will regret it if i don't take as many pictures as i can.

Well, thought it was time for an update.. I will keep you posted. I plan on bringing my video camera, still camera, cell phone & laptop all with me to the show.. so maybe i can keep a journal of sorts. (yes I know I need to make more frequent entries--I'm trying).

If you get a chance, come out to see the show, the Provincial show is always a big deal and a great time!

Peace Out for now :))