Friday, May 4, 2012

Can You Believe It?

WOW, Can you believe it? I'm posting again so soon! Sorry to say it's not good news...

Tuesday May 1, I was training legs.. I had been suffering from increasing bouts of sciatica and back pain, but that's been going on for around 15 years--far before I started bodybuilding. Anyhow, that day I had warmed up with 20 minutes of cardio, light stretching, then proceeded to do squats.. the plan being not to lift too heavy that day due to my increasing back/sciatic pain. First set only 70lbs+bar, second set 90lbs+bar, third set 80lbs+bar---on the second rep I felt a twinge in my quadricep & a failure of power to my legs to get back up... I thought perhaps my form was off or I had gotten sloppy & my old issues were flaring up acutely. I carefully assessed & lightly stretched everything again and returned to the rack with only 60lbs+bar, and didn't it happen again! 

I really didn't think this was a serious injury at this point, I proceeded to take some naproxen and went grocery shopping.. I often suffer inflammation/pain/sciatica after a leg or back workout, especially if I go to heavy. After grocery shopping I came home and felt my leg swelling up, heating up.. I put ice on it and elevated it.

A few hours later my quad all the way down to my knee was horribly swollen and so sore from the pressure of the swelling that I felt sick. I decided to go to ER so that I could get some answers & action happening right away to save compounding any injury. A referral through my GP would take atleast 6 months due to long waiting lists.. I need it imaged & seen right away, I'M SUPPOSED TO COMPETE IN A MONTH!!

It was a 7 hour wait at ER but the doc told me I either badly tore my quad or/and I had a massive bleed. She got me and emergency referral to an orthopedic surgeon & an appointment for diagnostic imaging Monday May 7th.. I'm instructed to keep it elevated and use crutches to keep from putting weight on it when I walk. I haven't mastered crutches, I kinda hobble instead. It IS painful enough that I'm lying with it elevated most of the time. Pain has a way of getting your attention! I'm not allowed to take any NSAIDs as it might re-bleed & make the situation worse.

The picture below was taken May 2nd.. May 3 it was the worst of all... The swelling is so bad you wouldn't know that I am super shredded.. it looks like a fat lady leg. lol

So it's uncertain if I'll be able to compete at the Toronto Pro Supershow. It's too early to tell how bad the damage is so I'm continuing to diet just in case. The limited range of motion I'm suffering from is obviously due to swelling & I am hopeful that if I'm prudent to rest & rehab properly I might be able to pull it off. My legs are genetically advantaged so I'm not to worried about muscular atrophy. I'm worried about bruising and swelling & whether I'll have full flexibility so soon after injury. 

I'll keep you posted. Even if I'm not able to compete I'm going to follow through with my whole prep.. I'm hopeful that I'll be working on projects in the next couple months--projects I'm very excited about. Well, that's another entry..

Goodnight Friends xo