Tuesday, December 20, 2011

What's on the horizon for 2012?

Well, I'm officially off-season now..

2011 was both a frustrating & game changing year for me.. I prepped for a show in November but was unable to take the stage. That was a bit disappointing but I knew that my heart was really set on the competitions in 2012.

I started working with a coach in 2011 (Noel Fuller). I have to say that prepping with him was the most pleasant experience I've had since starting to compete in 2006. I had coaches from 2006 until 2008. From 2009 to 2010 I entered competitions without a coach, doing all my own prep, but Noel was able to bring me to a higher level of conditioning.. exactly what I've been after the past couple years. I still manage my weight training, but Noel over-sees my diet & is my Guru for problem solving and being blatantly honest I appreciate his critique or opinion.

Here's some photos of my conditioning under Noel: November 26, 2011 (This is before I was to take the stage so I'm not pumped up yet, but you can see the striations ready to pop)

Although I couldn't take the stage I feel that I'm finally at the point where I'll be confident on the Provincial & National stage.. I have applied to be considered for sponsorship with fusion bodybuilding in 2012 as well. It's my hope everything will come together for me.. I know I have the potential to be a top champion.. the only thing holding me back is finances. A sponsorship would certainly make a big difference for me.

So the plan is to do the Toronto Pro Supershow June 1, in Toronto. Then to do the CBBF Nationals in the fall (this show will be the more expensive due to location). 

I'm excited about the new season. In 1 week I start my heavy training again... I have a couple months to really put on some decent mass before I start dieting again (February 1st). I'm confident I can make some big changes in my physique.. 

My big dream (like many) is to win my pro card in 2012... :) Stay tuned!

Peace Out!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Change of Plans for the Competitive Season

I'm sad to report I am unable to follow through with the Lady OM MMXI show this December 1st for several reasons (financial included). All shows are expensive, but this one would have been terribly stressful on me financially & even with fund-raising I wouldn't be sure I would have enough money to do the event (and I really didn't want to cancel at the last minute, so I withdrew early). It's my hope I might be able to do this event next year...

Since I was already 2 months into my contest prep (financially especially), I have decided to do a local show in Ontario on November 26th 2011. I'm about 9.5 weeks out right now.. I have made major improvements to weak areas of my physique & i continue to do so. I am ecstatic to be working with Noel Fuller as a coach this season. Most of the excitement for me is seeing my conditioning brought to a higher level than I've reached before. I'm feeling great considering my training sessions have increased to 5-6 days a week. This is possible with a high quality diet & supplements (I spend a small fortune every month in the supplement store), but it's showing. I am ahead of schedule with fat-loss, but am dealing with water retention. This isn't an issue yet except aesthetically.. near the show this is where Noel's expertise will come into play.

I'm excited to be doing this local show with friends and fellow-competitors. I don't believe competitors should be cut-throat. There is enough room for all of us on stage, and honestly my heart is more determined to achieve personal goals in my conditioning than to "win". I have to adopt this attitude as I cherish the camaraderie amongst my fellow athletes.

Here are some quick progress pictures of me at 10 weeks out & 148lbs:

I will post the show details shortly.. Still waiting for the event details on the website to be made available.

I'm a little rushed for time today (it's leg training day)--so i'll cut this update short.. I'll post soon. Stay healthy and happy... Remember, nothing worthwhile is instant, it requires determination, commitment, consistency and passion.... Whatever you do, do with your whole heart. Have a wonderful, productive day! :)

Friday, August 26, 2011

Invitation :))

It's been quite a while since I've posted.. I supposed I've been trying to find direction.

My last competition was the CBBF Nationals last August 2010. I didn't have plans to compete this year but was offered an amazing opportunity to do a "new" kind of show pioneered by an Italian photographer I really want to work with (Oberdan Mancini). The following is the event description:

Teatro "Benedetto XIII" - Università degli Studi di Camerino
1th december 2011, Camerino (MC).

Lady OM MMXI is the first Body-building competition where the spectator will express an opinion and the athlete's audience will be as great as the whole world.

 Female bodybuilding athletes from all around the world will defy each other to conquer the Lady OM MMXI title.

12 athletes frOM 12 different nations, in Representative of all the continents.

Thanks to live web broadcast and HD technology, the viewer will enjoy an outstanding video quality, an interactive direction and the unique chance to follow his favorite athlete in the backstage too. The viewer is always seeking the best one.

 The athlete knows that there is no victory if the audience is not conquered.

The bodybuilder will finally do her months of hard preparation justice. 

The first contest in the world conceived in HD, spread via web and personally edited by Mister OM.

At last bodybuilding becomes 2.0

Come and be part of the jury yourself!!!

12 Female bodybuilding athletes from all around the world will defy each other to conquer the Lady OM MMXI title.

LADY OM MMXI is not simply a contest. It's an exciting show that wants to share with the world the love for bodybuilding.

Lady OM MMXI is the first bodybuilding event where the spectator (from every corner of the planet) becomes main character, sitting in the panel!
It' s not a competition, but an enthralling show based on a thrilling action.
An entertaining schedule that allow the viewer to play a role himself and keep the athletes fighting for the victory till the end!

...If the world wants its CHAMPION, it has to be the WORLD to elect it! Come and be part of the jury yourself.

It will be an amazing event!!!
More details will be released shortly including the other participants.

I'm very excited about this show.. I'm training harder than ever to make sure I'm at my all-time best seeing I'm the only Canadian contender. I've hired an amazing coach (Noel Fuller of Portland Oregon) to help me with my prep and make sure i'm dialed in perfectly.

Feel free to follow my show prep & progress here & on my facebook fanpage. I really appreciate the encouragement of family, friends & fans.. and I don't want to disappoint!!

I will post more soon. Peace!