Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Change of Plans for the Competitive Season

I'm sad to report I am unable to follow through with the Lady OM MMXI show this December 1st for several reasons (financial included). All shows are expensive, but this one would have been terribly stressful on me financially & even with fund-raising I wouldn't be sure I would have enough money to do the event (and I really didn't want to cancel at the last minute, so I withdrew early). It's my hope I might be able to do this event next year...

Since I was already 2 months into my contest prep (financially especially), I have decided to do a local show in Ontario on November 26th 2011. I'm about 9.5 weeks out right now.. I have made major improvements to weak areas of my physique & i continue to do so. I am ecstatic to be working with Noel Fuller as a coach this season. Most of the excitement for me is seeing my conditioning brought to a higher level than I've reached before. I'm feeling great considering my training sessions have increased to 5-6 days a week. This is possible with a high quality diet & supplements (I spend a small fortune every month in the supplement store), but it's showing. I am ahead of schedule with fat-loss, but am dealing with water retention. This isn't an issue yet except aesthetically.. near the show this is where Noel's expertise will come into play.

I'm excited to be doing this local show with friends and fellow-competitors. I don't believe competitors should be cut-throat. There is enough room for all of us on stage, and honestly my heart is more determined to achieve personal goals in my conditioning than to "win". I have to adopt this attitude as I cherish the camaraderie amongst my fellow athletes.

Here are some quick progress pictures of me at 10 weeks out & 148lbs:

I will post the show details shortly.. Still waiting for the event details on the website to be made available.

I'm a little rushed for time today (it's leg training day)--so i'll cut this update short.. I'll post soon. Stay healthy and happy... Remember, nothing worthwhile is instant, it requires determination, commitment, consistency and passion.... Whatever you do, do with your whole heart. Have a wonderful, productive day! :)

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