Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Long time since my last entry...

Well, it's been a while since I last made an entry.. it's been a crazy few months. Back in October I found myself in the hospital, in intensive care for 10 days... My whole bowel was inflamed, infected & hemorrhaging. I was terrified when they prepped me for major emergency surgery the first night.. thank GOD I didn't have to have it. This all happened while I was up north visiting my father over thanksgiving weekend (Canada's was in mid-october). While in intensive care for those 10 days, I wasn't allowed to eat or drink anything (my only source of fluids were through two IV's). I lost some muscle mass, but this is generally my pattern...I gain awesum size then I get sick and lose some of's frustrating, but I have to remember that my objective is to improve my health FIRST.. sports performance & aesthetics are SECONDARY.

It's mid December now.. I'm feeling better, back to my training, but I'm still anxiously waiting for tests to sort out the issues that caused the bleeding/hospitalization back in October. The specialist said it was too dangerous to do the 2 scopes/biopsy that I need.. so I'm booked to have those procedures done in early March. It was a rather slow recovery, but I find I'm more careful to be sure I get enough sleep, eat healthy, etc.

I am doing more personal training now.. (actually I'm training my sister now--she is doing exceptionally well with her weight loss: she's lost 16lbs to date {in 33 days} --eating a healthy clean diet and training with me three times a week.)

I generally try to avoid taking on too much during the competitive season in terms of clientele or obligations--especially in light of my health issues. Training for shows is extremely stressful, not only physically but emotionally and mentally too. Although I didn't get a chance to compete in 2009, I had trained & kept lean just in case my circumstances would allow me to change my plans last minute. I lost my qualification for the Nationals & have to requalify in 2010.. but it isn't a big deal. The provincial level show isn't the expensive one.. (the National competition was in Montreal in 2008 & Vancouver in 2009), far out of my reach financially. I hope to be in a better position financially in 2010 so that I can compete if and when I want to.

Since I got out of the hospital (October 20, 2009), I'v managed to add 10lbs of lean muscle mass.. working more has enabled me to eat better, raise my protein intake & buy my supplements. I did my income tax refund early this year.. guess where I spent it?? (the supplement store LOL). I rely on protein powder alot, especially when my digestive system is acting up and solid food nauseates me. I am continuing to take Tyler Parkin's "Parkonite" product as well as some basic supplements to keep my immune system fortified & my liver detoxified.

I hope to keep on top of this journal & I'm planning on getting some work done to FINALLY get up and running one way or other. I'm a little rusty in my webdesign & scripting abilities... perhaps I will use a templated site like "sitecube" if I can't manage to figure things out soon.. so wish I could hire a website designer.. there's way too much on my plate as is.. even just with personal training, my training, the photo/video shoots/processing, promotion, etc. I can't wait till I can hire someone. I feel like I'm always working, but with so much to do, I never get anything done QUICKLY. lol

Well, I suppose that's enough for now.. I have to packup for the gym shortly.. I'll be there for a good part of the day today, so I have to pack a lunch, etc.

Today I'm smiling.. cuz I feel good & I know through experience that things could be much much worse! :)) Off to train hard.. will post new photos & video soon.. PEACE OUT

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