Sunday, August 22, 2010

once again...i'm 6 days out from competition

Well, i'm 6 days out from the 2010 CBBF Nationals in toronto (CNE grounds). I don't think i've ever trained or prepped so hard for a show.. mind u i haven't really stopped dieting or training since the provincial show last June 19th--but i'm much more depleted in fat stores this time & have made some minor changes to my prep to come in drier & tighter.

I'm looking forward to this show--i've determined that i am really going to enjoy the whole experience (i want to enjoy the whole weekend in toronto, including the after-party). I believe this is going to be a fantastic show over-all. I'm entering in the heavyweight-masters--should weigh in around atleast 145lbs. Should be an interesting week, but grocery shopping is done, all reservations are made & i've started packing. Hope to take alot of photos: if you get a chance to attend this show i'm sure it will be an experience to remember! :))

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