Thursday, June 10, 2010

9 Days out from competition!!

I'm only 9 days out from my next show... how can time be flying by SO fast???

Well, I've left nothing to chance this year. This will be my third time doing the Ontario (National Qualfiers).. and I want first place. I dieted down really early so I wouldn't be stressed out physically or emotionally.. I am very pleased with the results.

My training sessions have been brutal, really pushed myself to correct my weaknesses. All that's left now is my final week of dietary prep & intense/long posing sessions to give me my polish. I don't believe I've ever looked this good, this big and this cut.

I weighed in at 150.5lbs two days ago at the gym, but haven't taken recent measurements, but as of mid May, my measurements (taken unflexed/unpumped) were as follows:

40.00" Chest
28.00" Waist
36.00" Hips
24.00" Thighs
14.25" Biceps
14.75" Calves

It's possible that I've increased in size since mid-may.. I did add an extra 4-5lbs of muscle mass since then so I will have to do measurements again soon.

I've had very little problem dieting. I did improve the quality of my diet this year (uggghhh sooo expensive to eat very well). & I also changed my training regimine. Due to my health issues & the inevitable stress caused from overtraining I found that training 3-4 days a week worked best for ne. Although those training sessions are hard and long.. my body type (muscular/endurance athlete) tends to cope well with this type of training. I would train whole body each session, but specialize in one or two bodyparts that them my best energy & hitting them hard. I stopped doing cardio about a month out from the show but will add that back in the last week as a "shock" to help me super shred.. the body seems to adapt to anything you do routinely, so it's always good to save some shock tactics just in case.

When Paul Luis first took me under his wing to help me prep for my first show he had always said "work smarter, not harder..." I hear ya Paul. The body can't achieve the optimum results while under stress.. I let my diet do a good portion of the work so I don't have to train 5-7 days a week. Mind you, on days off the gym, I still do some training at home, especially posing practice which I have to say is extremely important. It doesn't matter how awesum your body is at a show if you can't properly present it...

Here are a couple photos from posing practice (taken about 3 weeks out)

These photos are NOTHING compared to what I will look like on stage!! I'm very excited. Feel I have my peak plan perfected this year.

I will have tons of photos & videos from the show.. hope to be shooting the whole weekend of the show (Milky Whey Classic Ontario {Bodybuilding, Figure & Fitness} Championships, June 19th, 2010 --550 Wellington St. London, Ontario CANADA). This is a National Qualifier for the CBBF Nationals in Toronto on August 28th 2010. Both should be amazing shows if you can make it out.

I hope to post more updates as the show approaches & even the weekend of the show from my hotel room. Hope to have the website up and running shortly after the show also.. so far finally have a main page up ( Check back often.. I will be posting the best of my photos & videos on the site...I'm finding that the videos I post to youtube are being ripped and uploaded to other websites without my permission (for someone else's profit or advantage)..It's simply not fair seeing they are my property & I labor hours to make them and upload them free of charge. So I apologize to fans/friends who can't access my newer media because of a handful of manipulative thieves.

Well gotta cut this short.. have posing practice to do this morning :) Have a great day!

Peace - Out

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